James Solly


Reiki Master

Attraction And Relationships

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Relationships and Attraction are obviously a major part of modern life. Our relationships and self image can play a major role in our health, both mentally and physically. Also feeling attractive and having great relationships is just awesome. Through looking to understand how our ideas about ourselves are effecting our feelings and behaviour, we can look to unleash the most loving and attractive you. In these sessions we can investigate our current and past relationships, to see what works best for you to create the most positive relationships for the future. Whether that maybe opening up more or implementing some more boundaries. Through giving yourself the space to communicate with your actual feelings, you can discover what it is you actually desire in relationships be it monogamous  or of the more polygamous nature. Amazingly, the more baggage you clear and the more in tune you become with your natural self - the more effortlessly attractive you become.



Sexuality and those primal desires and directly linked with the unconscious mind. Here you have the opportunity to explore this connection freely and unlimit any blockages or poor belief systems that maybe limiting your sexy self. Any negative belief around ths area in life can really hold you back and effect your entire position on romantic relationships. I am not suggesting that it is all sex based, but having a great sex life and being comfortable in this often emotionally ambiguous area can only help in making this side of life infinitely better.

Mark Cunningham, 'The Renegade Hypnotist', goes as far to claim that through discovering ones sexual potential all other issues seem to clear up. Whether this is true or not, every little helps.  

Single Life


In modern life, the aim is not always just to get into a relationship. Often living a rich and exciting single life can be an end in itself. Here I am open to helping anyone best live the life that is most suited to them, being of any sexual orientation or preference, and whether a polyamorous or monogamous life is desired. I am personally well versed in attraction, sexual and relationship psychology and am well read in many of the principals of social dynamics, NLP and even PUA. Here we aim to accentuate and unleash everyones natural attractiveness and although the end aim is to be expressing freely, I am happy to provide any relevant techniques or structure to aid, with meeting new people, holding a conversation and safely escalating any interaction. 

 Hypnotherapy can help with:


Premature Ejaculation



Sexual Orientation Confusion

 Coming Out Anxiety

 Guilt/Shame and Prejudice Surrounding Sexual Orientation

 Sexual Anxiety

Approach Anxiety

 Escalation Anxiety

 Comfort/Conversational Anxiety

 Sexual Honesty

 Self Esteem

 Self Image

 Morality Issues: Guilt and Shame 


 Putting People on a Pedestal 



Coldness/ Apathy

and many more....


Whatever the issue, be it physical, emotional or mental, the session will be uniquely tailored to you allowing your innate intelligence to regain authority over any unconscious and out-of date belief systems. All poor attitudes around relationships and sexuality are learnt, often unconsciously and can be just as easily unlearnt, to re-establish a naturally balanced, fun, playful experience of this great area of life.