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'A couple of sessions with James, was all that I required to overcome a serious drug addiction. From the off James makes you feel at ease, and his technique so effective that if you need help in anyway, he is most definitely your go to guy. Such an amazing treatment and service, it really will benefit anyone with any mental health concerns'

"I went to see James for a past life regression hypnotherapy session to help me understand the way I feel sometimes.  James spent time talking to me beforehand and explained to me a bit about hypnotherapy and what would happen during the session.  I felt very relaxed and calm at all times and my experience felt relevant to me.  During the weeks that passed afterwards I feel stronger in myself and I seem to have more of a desire to use my voice and express how I feel in an honest loving but empowered way, with a feeling of closure in there too.


James is a very calm, loving and empathetic young man with a spiritual understanding and wisdom much greater than his age.  He is very compassionate and has a sincere desire in wanting to help people to heal.  I would recommend James to anyone and wish him a great career in hypnotherapy."


- Jenny, Highcliff

"My session with Mr. Solly was both comforting and powerful, I felt back in touch with that quintessence of me that is so easily lost out of sight.


I was initially scared that 'hypnotherapy' was going to be invasive or make me feel too vulnerable, but this was not the case. I was given as much time as necessary to become at ease and realise how natural and exciting it is to become in communication with your own unconscious mind, especially with the help of a professional in the this field of alternative healing therapies.


P.S. I was so happy to finally find my 'safe space'! "


-Michael Davidson, Christchurch

"He creates a feeing of calmness the minute you meet him, as if he is an old friend who knows everything about you. He seems to have an innate knowledge about the process of hypnotherapy and the most effective ways of helping.


After the initial discussion about whatever you find challenging James creates an environment for a meditation which is warm and relaxed. His voice is deep and soothing. You become comfortable.


In my initial session with James I was suffering from Shingles. He was able to relax me to the point that we identified the nerves causing the pain. He transformed them from an angry painful red to a neutral green. Once the meditation was complete I no longer felt any pain.

 After the session I felt lighter. Whatever worrying thoughts, anxiety or darkness I was experiencing had disappeared. Within a week the shingles had reduced dramatically, which is way shorter than the recovery someone normally has with shingles. 


Trans life regression


The thought of a trans life regression did not fill me with happiness. I suppose I was a little apprehensive. I didn't know what to expect. I wasn't sure how I was supposed to feel. The meditation at the start was very relaxing which was great. This helped my mind come to terms with the idea of looking back.


My experience of a translife regression started with me seeing shadows and what appeared to be billowing clouds. It was a very visual experience filled with colour sound and sensations. There were no people, there were no buildings, there were no animals or unnatural structures of any kind. There was no calendar so I have no idea when it was or where it was. I did know that the colours in the shadows fascinated me, I was drawn to them. It was as if they were mountains and was traveling through or past mountains. I am unsure how I was travelling, I seemed to be floating however I was moving quite fast. At one point it became very dark and oppressive, I felt uncomfortable, I wanted to get out, so I withdrew looking for light, at one point I felt as if I had wings which propelled me away from the darkness, the wings were powerful, I could hear the swooping sound with each propulsion away from the oppressive darkness. I appeared to go upwards and outwards, beyond the earth's atmosphere. I travelled out into the universe. I saw spectacular sights. Magnificent planets, stars, light formations. The wings had disappeared, I was floating again, there was silence. The colours were gold, orange, deep purples, magenta and midnight blues, they appeared to go out into infinity. One of the names of the planets started with an S but it was not in our universe, it was beyond. I felt as if I was searching for something. 


Eventually I felt as if I came back to earth, (or went down to the ground of a planet) I saw the colour green on the ground. I seemed to think it must be grass. I was drawn to the grass as if I knew it would be safe and comfortable.


I came to a halt and lay down on the area of green, it appeared to be grass near a spectacular tree similar to a weeping willow however it had many colours within its weeping branches. The grass was soft. Slowly, I was absorbed by the tree, I was not scared. It consumed me as if it knew me and loved me, every part of my being felt alive, I was drawn closer and closer to the centre of the tree. I was then elevated towards the top of the tree. By this point I was completely consumed by the tree, I felt as if I became part of it.  I was no longer a body, I was an essence. The tree then expelled my very essence out into the atmosphere as if I was a billion fireworks. It was explosive, I felt so alive, so bright as if I was light itself. I remember feeling so elated, so outrageously euphoric every cell in body felt electrified, I cried. James confirmed later that in real life I cried, tears flowed down my cheeks.


After this immense experience I felt calm and more powerful at the same time, more in control if that makes sense. I just have a sense that everything is great, everything is awesome, life is worth living. Writing about this experience has brought back to me just amazing emotions and feelings of elation while travelling through time and space."   

- Ellen, Bransgore 

           Five stars


"Having been afraid of falling for as long as I can remember, I never expected things to change. And then I met James. 


Just a couple of hours of hypnotherapy one morning made a world of difference; the calm soothing atmosphere, professional approach and warm personality put me at ease immediately.


The origin of my fear may well have been a result of injuring myself after falling off a skateboard in our friendly neighbourhood cul de sac when I was 7, but I can't say for sure. The day after the session I was teaching in the garden on an uncharacteristically sunny UK evening, and noticed between students that there was a skateboard by the shed. I had not set foot on one since the aforementioned incident, but just a day later, I found myself trying it out with excitement where before there would have been anxiety. 


The irrational fear of falling stopped me from doing many things in the past but I am confident that now it will have no power over my future. 


If I were to rate James Solly sensibly in terms of stars out of 5, I would give him 5, but I am inclined to afford him a universe of gratitude." 

- Emily Turner, London

"After failing my driving test twice, I was awfully nervous, not being able to sleep and having panic attacks whenever I thought about taking the test again. I was certain I was going to fail. After just one session, where we didn't even use hypnosis, we just talked (literally 10 minutes) my anziety had gone and I was focussed and ready to take the test.   

later that week I passed, with only two minors."

- Elise, Burley

I couldn't recommend James highly enough, a very relaxed atmosphere which made the process and absolute breeze. The result of the treatment has been perfect for me so far, I have booked in for more follow up sessions in the form of maintenance over the next few months. Five Stars.