Treatment Room
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Therapy Room

This is a specifically designed room for a therapy. It is bright clean and open plan allowing for a variety of treatments to occur. Being well ventilated, heated and lit the room provides an accommodating environment for any client. The space is kitted out with:

- A soothing steam and air purifier offering a pleasant aroma to your taste as well as a variety of calming light options.

- A remote controlled arm chair allows the client to find a position they are most comfortable in.

- A white professional adjustable massage table allowing options for sitting and lying down in a variety of positions.

- The room is curtained and backed with blackout blinds. Being the first room on the right as you enter the house, it allows for the upmost of privacy and maintenance of a professional setting.

water pour.png

The location is registered as a therapy room on google maps being easy to find and has a double drive for easy parking. The room is subject to availability with options to rent for half days or full days for £10 an hour.  So thats £40 for a half day and £80 for a full day. 

For any enquiries for room hire send us a message through our contact page: