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We have drawn on the fields of hypnotherapy, CBT, Mindfulness, EMDR, NLP and Neuropsychology to create a series of meditative experiences to help bring you to the optimum mindset to reach your personal, health, work and social goals. 

These meditations look to give you the experience of a hypnotherapy session in the comfort of your own home. They follow the archetypal structure of a classic hypnotherapy session. This structure has been developed through working with thousands of clients, applying various techniques from the latest in a multiple fields and curating an optimal form that works with the general unconscious mind.

The meditations look to encourage a conversation between you and your internal world, facilitating this communication and guiding it in the most beneficial way. They are paced appropriately to allow your mind to respond to any question posed. The questions are cyclical working multiple angles to allow for anything that would like to be understood to come forward. It also keeps a pace that will ensure no one is bored or gets stuck in any area too long. Don't feel like you need to keep up, just allow whatever is there to come forward, seeing what angle works for you, alternatively if you mind progresses quicker, all it to do so. the important aspect is you personal communication with yourself, the meditation is simply providing the space.

‘I was in tears, a full on therapeutic experience’

Binaural Beats

These meditations incorporate the power of binaural beats. These are amazing frequencies that allow the brain to harmonize at the relevant frequencies to ensure the desired states of thinking. We often live at beta waves, which is akin to mild to heavy anxiety, when we move deeper into alpha, we become more directive and creative just like a common concept of an alpha. When we go deeper again into theta we engage with our dream world and internal believes. Finally at delta there is a calm dreamless state. The meditations allow the binaural beats to guide your brain frequency to the optimal states for each part of the meditation. Binaural beats are a powerful tool in themselves, but combined with this therapeutic mediation your transformative experience will be catalysed for maximum impact.

‘I have listened to a lot of meditations but I have never gone so deep!’


Solfeggio Tones

I have further utilised solfeggio tones. A powerful tool on their own, created by the Tibetan monks through their use of the singing bowls. Each tone resonates at specific frequencies to simulate and balance the various areas of the body. These different areas correlate with the seven chakras, the centre points of governance for the different dimensions of perception: physical, emotional, self, connection, communication, vision, and thought. Each meditation integrates these powerful tones for appropriated guidance of attention and balancing in relation to the spoken word, ensuring that every part of you is awakened and orientated to allow for the most beneficial change to occur. If you are interested in further chakra awakening, balancing and harnessing, look out for my new Charka awakening program coming soon.

"iIt's great to have access to this at any point"


Being qualified in this powerful form of therapy, I have utilised it’s key principle of bilateral stimulation to catalyse the therapeutic effect of these meditations. Bilateral stimulations looks to consciously activate both the right and left part of the brain in an alternating manner to bring a self awareness to any part f you that may be stuck. This mimics the effect of the rapid eye movements that occur with REM sleep, which is where you process memories. This technique has proven highly effective at helping people reduce anxiety and deal with all manner of trauma or trigger. It will provide yet another string to this powerful bow to give you the force and aim to reach you targets with swiftness and ease.

The meditation created a conversation with my own mind the likes of which I haven’t experienced before.’



Each meditation is also scored by professional film score composers, featuring relaxing melodies of whale song to orbital sounds, as well as a supportive track to compliment the visualisation. All is designed to guide you most enjoyably through the entire experience. The Specific sounds used look to amplify the narrative of the guided imagery as well as provide space for the internal work, and compliment the solfeggio tones and binaural beats. They further integrate the sounds appropriate sounds of the chakras and as each and compliment the frequencies of the body as appropriate.

"Beautifully composed, really complimented it"