General session 
The Sessions tend to last between 45 minutes to an hour and a half. They are conducted in a safe, warm custom designed therapy room. The first session will begin with a consultation, where I will take you through the particulars of hypnosis and the style of therapy that would be most appropriate. In this initial consultation I will take some background information and we can go into the details as to what ever ails you, or the areas of your life you would like to look at in the session. 
We will then proceed into the hypnotherapy chair where you will be given the control to adjust the seat to your optimum comfort. We will then go through a full body relaxation and a deepener to allow you to drift to the right level of awareness to best look at what you are here to see. The therapy itself is conducted with clean language and you are in control at all times. When you feel a relevant conclusion for the session has been reached I will count you up to to full wakefulness. At which point we will go through the experience. 
You are free to book one off or repeat sessions to look an any issue you may like or explore any part of yourself. I find it is highly beneficial to treat hypnotherapy like the dentist, having regular checkups to touch base with your inner world and true intentions to keep you orientated and on track.

"This is the real deal"

Book A General Session

A book a stand alone single session for any reason: to try Hypnotherapy, for a returning session, or to explore a new part of yourself. 

- Initial Consultation 

- 45-90 min Hypnotherapy session