What is Hypnotherapy?
The state of hypnosis is one of relaxed focussed attention. It is a completely natural state that everyone goes through everyday, between being fully awake and completely asleep. Hypnotherapy looks to consciously communicate with your internal world, through exploring and conversing with our subconscious mind.
You may have heard of the amazing powers of 'placebos', where by someone has been made to believe that they are being cured and then, as a result, they actually do get better! What these placebo studies have shown is that the body and mind have an amazing ability to cure themselves if they are allowed to. Hypnotherapy looks to harness the this power of the mind body connection without the need for trickery. 


Hypnotherapy is aiming to address and clear any blockages or negative belief systems that are standing in the way and preventing your mind and body to naturally heal itself. It is an incredibly effective, non-evasive form of therapy and unlike the way stage magicians may suggest, a person is totally safe and in control at all times; if anything, they are in more control than they have been in a long time. 


The conscious exploration of your internal world does not just have to be about healing a specific ailment, we can explore your genuine desires, your innate intelligence and even your underlying nature. Hypnotherapy is for any type of self improvement to attune you with living at your highest potential. Feel free to book a session even as just a self-exploration. 


How Effective is Hypnosis?

The Results of a Comparative Study by the "American Health Magazine" states that Hypnotherapy is 93% effective after just six sessions. This is in comparison to CBT, which was found to be 73% effective after 22 session and psychoanalysis which was found to be only 38% effective even after 60 sessions. 

There are multitudes of studies that have shown time and time again the effectiveness of hypnotherapy. check out our statistics page for more information or follow us on social media. 

About Me
I qualified with a Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis and Mind Coaching From Transformations School of Clinical Hypnosis, then completed my Masters diploma with Centre of excellence. I have since trained closely with Dr. Brian Roet, author of 'Understanding Hypnosis: A practical Guide to the health giving benefits of hypnotherapy and self-hypnosis'. He has helped me in refining the most effective ways of communicating with the unconscious mind for healing. I have been a keen student of eastern philosophy, meditation and healing for many years. I have sought to bring the wisdom at the core of their teachings together with the western point of view in a way that is not so mystical and intimidating. Hypnotherapy offers the potential to combine this wisdom and healing with the practicality and simplicity of the western mindset, providing the most effective way of beneficial change that I have found.

I have further qualifications in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, EMDR, Neuropsychology, Nutrition, NLP, and Personal Training all of which feeds into my holistic style of therapy tailored specifically to each client.