What is Reiki?

Reiki is the Japanese word for Universal Life Force Energy. The healing art of Reiki is a practice that restores balance and harmony within the body by the transmission of healing energy through the hands of the practitioner. During sessions, focus is given to the clearing and alignment of the body’s energy system through the 7 main Chakras, which can sometimes get blocked from physical or emotional experiences, causing an imbalance and dis-ease within the body.

"I have tried other forms of complimentary therapy, but Reiki with James has been the most powerful." 


To establish how Reiki can best help you, the first appointment includes a full consultation before any energy therapy is given.

A brief medical history will be taken, and a client consent form signed.

During the healing you will be fully clothed and laying on a treatment couch, or sitting in a chair if this is more comfortable for you. I will place my hands  just above your body at various energy points. This is a pain-free and very pleasant experience. You can completely relax – in fact many clients fall asleep during the session. Each session lasts between 45 mins to an hour and a half, but you are booked in for two hour slot. 

"James is the real deal! Would recommend to anyone."

The Session


What does it Help?

All manner of pain, emotional issues, illness and disease have a root as an energy within you. This energy has a structure and often intention that is out of balance. Reiki discovers the root energy causing an issue in your life and the intentions within it bringing balance at the deepest possible level. 

A lot of what we know as illness, stress and pain is actually symptoms of these internal discrepancies.

Through reiki with Helpful Holistic not only will you begin to feel relief from whatever ails you, but you will be given insight into the beliefs and internal intentions that have lead to your struggling. The relief people have felt from Reiki in all manner of ailments has been profound and I am forever fascinated to the limits of what it can help with. 

So be it an emotional issue, from anxiety to depression, a physical pain, or illness, Reiki and offer wonderful relief, understanding and comfort. In many cases, issues can clear up but at the very least a sense of relaxation and calm is bought to any area that is troubling you. 

Zen Stones

Distance Reiki

Amazingly Reiki doesn't have to be done in the same room, and isn't dependant on geography. Through relevant focus and connection, Reiki can be sent to help balance any issue, wherever you are. 

The session can be conducted over Zoom or Skype. It is recommended that you find somewhere comfortable to a sit and relax while the session takes place. It is common to feel a deep relaxation, possibly light sensations of hot and cold and some people claim to feel a tingling. 

Over the skype call the information about what is happening inside of you will be communicated as clearly as possible. 

"It was amazing, my body was tingling and my headache just went."