Smoking Cessation

Smoking has proven to be a very hard habit to crack. Hypnotherapy, has proven, however, to be the best method to help crack it. 

In one study by the University of Washington School of Medicine

it demonstrated a 90.6% Success Rate for Smoking Cessation Using Hypnosis, significantly higher than any other method available. 

I have custom created a unique program compiling techniques from the latest hypno-theraputic research and CBT, upholstered with NLP and EMDR techniques. I look to explore the roots of your habit, to allow you to perceive yourself as a non smoker and help make it so you do not even fancy a cigarette. The program will also un pick any enabling factors that support your habit, such as the social ties or a reason to have a break, allowing you to continue to have these positives in your life just without the smoking. I further arm you with numerous techniques and methods in your everyday life to help curb any lingering cravings you do have and even turn them into a beneficial habit instead. This four session program will be a force for any smoking habit to reckon with, it doesn't stand a chance. 

"The result of the treatment has been perfect for me so far "

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- 3 Hypnotherapy Sessions

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