Spiritual Sessions

Hypnotherapy does not have to be about fixing a particular problem. You can explore your inner world, and your connection to your mind at any time, for healing, understanding and growth in any area of your life. Here I offer sessions for anyone wanting to deepen their connection with their mind, body and soul. Hypnosis is a relaxed state of focussed attention, much the same as an optimum meditative state. In these sessions you can learn about your potential  ability to enter these states and communicate with your internal world. With me guiding and supporting, I act almost as a catalyst for this communication, helping whatever messages your mind, body and soul are offering you at this moment. These experiences can provide a wonderful and often much needed boost and direction for your life journey, be it spiritual or otherwise. 

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Past Life Regression


Through looking into our past lives great healing can take place, releasing any burdens that may have accumalated along your souls journey, or buried deep in your subconscious. This can be a fascinating and often incredibly inspiring experience whether you believe in past lives or not. The intention is not about trying to prove reincarnation true; but to allow healing, growth and understanding. Whatever, is seen will be uniquely valuable for you. Many long lasting and even serious problems have been resolved through this process. Often an issue will be caused by a repressed trauma, sometimes in this life, but sometimes it seems that the cause can be found in other lives. If you would like to read about some of the amazing transformations that have taken place through past life regression, I recommend any book by Brian Weiss.

'Amazing experience!'

Explorative Sessions


I welcome you to dive into your internal world and explore yourself. The experience is very similar to Alice in Wonderland, which is basically a big metaphor of her internal world. Through Hypnotherapy you can learn how to consciously communicate with your dream logic, belief systems and underlying intelligence.  You can discover what lessons you have to learn, and what messages your mind, the universe and your higher self have for you right now.


In these sessions we can learn the unique language your mind and soul use to communicate with you, often being rich with imagination and metaphor but unique and personal to you. We can speak directly to you higher self and your inner wisdom and any other guide or spirit they may be looking over you. The aim of these sessions is to allow you spiritual life to become as accessible, honest, easy and joy filled as it can be, taking out some of the mysticism and allowing it to have a practical purpose in your life. 

'It was amazing to discovered how connected I am.'

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