Weight Management

Many people diet and force themselves through various exercise programs and hate it, even the most disciplined can last two months at best. The problem isn't the regime, but the mindset, thinking you have to suffer temporarily as a means to an end. This will only lead to constant suffering and Yo Yo dieting filled with pain and disappointment. 

To have any lasting change nutrition and fitness have to be re-perceived not as something painful, but as something pleasurable that you are excited about partaking in, allowing it to simply be your new lifestyle, not a lent period.


There are many emotions and underlying beliefs and perceptions that lead to being unbalanced with your physical life, be it a self perception, a social pressure, or a fear or dislike of something you know you should really do or eat. Hypnotherapy is the perfect tool to discover, commune with and transform all these parts of yourself in a compassionate obvious way, to not only allow you to become healthier but to actually enjoy the process of it. 

This program will be further supported by CBT to help you curate your own routines and structures that work for you, with NLP and EMDR techniques offered to help you through any challenging parts of your life. Being a qualified nutritionalist I can offer the relevant nutritional and lifestyle advice and recommend all the necessary supplements and tactics to allow becoming healthier to be as easy as the apple pie you'll no longer crave. 

In partnership with Wimborne Wellness Chiropractic clinic we have curated a 6 week wellness plan, complete with dietary plans, an exercise regime specifically designed by Chiropractors to ensure perfect posture and injury prevention, for you to do in the comfort of your own home with no expensive equipment required. This plan also comes with an auditory Meditation programme designed by myself to cultivate the perfect constitution and perceptions for your journey to wellness. This program has wielded some amazing results and you would struggle to find a more complete system anywhere.

"I've lost over a stone and I'm only four weeks in. I feel great!"

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- Initial Induction

- 3 Hypnotherapy Sessions

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