Most commonly, I advise that clients receive a full body massage, to allow any areas of pain, known or unbeknownst to the client can be felt through and dealt with accordingly

Though I advise splitting the initial Treatments up into upper and lower body, as the sessions can easily take up a lot of time, and therefore be difficult to schedule.


Upper Body


To accommodate the needs of the client 

Treatments can vary.

Head & Shoulders

Chest & Arms

Neck & Back

Full Upper Body

Feet & Carves

Quads, Carves & Hamstrings

Glutes, Thighs & Upper Legs

Full Lower Body

To accommodate the needs of the client 

Treatments can vary.

Lower Body

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Our Focus

At Helpful Holistics, we like to approach the body as a whole, pro-actively, through preventative care, much like dentists.

All muscle groups are interconnected with the surrounding tissues and neighbouring parts, and so the maintaining of a well-aligned, supple body where all parts are in communication with one another is a more valuable practise to us than fixing issues once they have arisen as problematic pains and aches. 

So often, in attending only to the specific area that's presently in pain, massage therapists are actually lead to deal with the areas of differed pain instead of the relevant pressure points themselves.