Massage Therapy

Invigorates the Lymphatic System

Stimulates the Nervous System

Maintains a high functioning Immune System

Sharpens the Mind-Body Connection

Aids the Body in Healing Itself

Benefits Of Massage

Soothes DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) 


Eases Muscle Tension from posture or habits


Alleviates Stress held in the Body


Improves Blood Flow & Circulation 


Reduces Inflammation & Drains Blocked Sinuses

Boosts White Blood Cell Count


Fastens Synapses

Decompresses Trapped Nerves

Aids the Liver in Removing Toxins & Poisons

Regulates Sleep & Encourages Relaxation 

Promotes Cell Regeneration

Cultivates Calmness, Mindfulness & Self-Love


"There is more wisdom in your body than in your deepest philosophy."

- Friedrich Nietzsche 

Our Philosophy 

Your heart beats without you trying, your stomach digests your every morsel, and your reflexes engage before you could think to do so. The Body is intricate and complex, and far more intelligent that many of us dare fathom. The body wants to function to the highest standard possible and heals itself every minute of every day.


Massage Therapy is simply a method through which we can get behind this process and aid the communications of our mind-body connection, reminding the nervous system of our pains, tensions and blockages so that we can better filter our toxins and poisons, and promote a state of healthy Holistic-wellness.

Our Focus

At Helpful Holistics, we like to approach the body as a whole, pro-actively, through preventative care, much like dentists.

All muscle groups are interconnected with the surrounding tissues and neighbouring parts, and so the maintaining of a well-aligned, supple body where all parts are in communication with one another is a more valuable practise to us than fixing issues once they have arisen as problematic pains and aches. 

So often, in attending only to the specific area that's presently in pain, massage therapists are actually lead to deal with the areas of differed pain instead of the relevant pressure points themselves. 

About ME 

When I was younger, my bones grew faster than my muscles (Osgood-Schlatter Disease), and as a result I was exposed to massage at an early age, receiving them regularly from osteopaths.


I ended up learning to massage my own neck, shoulders and arms so as to self-regulate my pain and tensions. Inadvertently I developed preferences, leading me to a better understanding of what felt good, or bad, and what methods were best for the alleviation of stress, and the decompression of tight knots or over-stretched tendons.


Having realised the important place massage has within in my life, I went on a course to take up Massage therapy as a Professional practise. I have had experience massaging others for seven years now. 

Peace, Love & Well Being,

Charles M.D. Solly